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Trade show exhibits & display solutions.

We add value to your trade show strategy, by providing a versatile service that blends proven process with flexibility; to make sure your exhibiting goals are achieved.  We are a small team located in Toronto and we believe that great customer service, proven products and our ability to understand and deliver your vision is what sets us apart from our competition. Our experience, our capabilities, and our connections. We draw from years of success, we provide highly customizable, multi-level exhibits, and have made a lot of friends in the industry. Whatever your trade show needs, we have everything in place to make it a streamlined, successful and  stress-free experience.

Trade show exhibits & display solutions throughout North America.

“Our philosophy is simple: we deliver on what we’ve promised and never over-commit or under-perform. A trade show can be overwhelming, and not having your exhibit ready, or how you asked for it, can be really stressful. We like to think that we make trade shows a much less stressful experience for our clients.”


Renting or buying? we work with you step-by-step to create exhibits that meet your specific needs. From flooring, to lighting, and everything in-between, our custom exhibits are made to showcase your brand in your own distinct way.


From concept to execution, we design exhibits that promote your business effectively. From single displays & interiors, to island exhibits, concept renderings, and interactive media, our designers take pride in making your exhibit look & function effectively.

Show Services

Our clients are well taken care of at every trade show, and our experienced staff are fully capable to handle any situation. Let our team make your trade show a better experience. We handle the installation, dismantling, power, rigging, lighting, and much more.


We offer full transportation services anywhere in North America, customs documentation management, safe storage, exhibit staging, and maintenance at our facility. We are always available to assist & move your goods where they need to go in a safe and timely manner.

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