August 26th – 28th , 2016 

Toronto, Ontario

An exclusive community, designed for the people! By the people. We invite you to join us on a one of a kind journey tantalizing all of your senses and entertainment desires. Experience and indulge in everything that is hookah, vape, and cannabis related with exotic flavors and delectable pairings, you will enjoy a premium cloud experience at the world’s largest hookah/vape patio lounges. Taste and savour your way through a wide-array of gourmet fare, incredible cloud cocktails, unique samples and so much more! Our CloudFest ambassadors will dazzle you with their extensive knowledge of premium flavor pairings, and out of this world service. Join this unique community, centered around pairing the most unique aspects of each individual industry, to create an unprecedented sensory experience. Our unique blend of engaging, educational and exciting content, will change the way you drink, eat and cloud forever!

To learn more about how we can help you prepare for the show, call (416) 292-2966, or start a LIVE chat.

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